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The Pum Pum (Vagina) Rock !!

Found along the Bog Walk gorge in the Parish of St Catherine,Jamaica is the Pum Pum (Vagina ) Rock.

The famous Pum Pum Rock, is known to be the eight wonder of the world. ‘Pum Pum’ is another definition for the vagina in the island’s native dialect.

The huge limestone rock sat about 8 feet tall, making up part of the river bank, could easily be interpreted as a giant (woman) oblivious of her surrounding as she washed her body’s most private part while she bathe by the river.

The rock was discovered and identified, sometimes in the early eighteenth century, and as the years went by, it became more of a striking semblance to that of the female’s vagina. Though bad the weather, the Pum Pum Rock sat firm and solid. Today it is more popular than ever, and attracted hundreds of onlookers weekly as they stared shockingly and gawk in awe at her natural feature and the graveness of signs and wonders of river valley.

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